Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Nandhiyavattai - Swastik Flower



Prajakti said...

wat is this flower known in emglish

Anonymous said...

This is not "Anant". This is Tagar and is a very common flower in Western India especially Maharashtra where you come from and you do not seem to know the Marathi name.

Anant is called Gardenia in english and is very fragrant. There are many varieties. So please google and see.

I do not know what Tagar is called. but it is a pretty looking but completely fragrance-less flower.

Anonymous said...

hi this is called nandhiyavattai in tamil nadu we use it for worship as loose flowers...a mild fragramce is there...there is another variety which has a lot of petals adukku nandhiyavattai:)

Waman Parulekar said...

thanks friend...


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